Viability & Finance 

Viability & Finance has been supervising mergers and acquisitions, and providing strategic advice and business valuations, since 1994. The company focuses on the agriculture sector, but also has experience in construction, plastics, transport, and food and drink. The team at Viability & Finance has achieved outstanding results in 17 M&A transactions, with more than 75 evaluations and 19 strategic planning projects.

Yves Jadoul, Founder

Viability & Finance Founder, Yves Jadoul, graduated from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel with an MBA. He’s also alumni of the Management School of Fundação Getúlio Vargas in Brazil, and has formerly been vice-president at WestLB do Brasil and Banco Sudameris Brasil, and director of Belgalux – the Chamber of Commerce for Belgium, Luxembourg and Brazil – for ten years. He also held this same role for Eurocâmaras, the Association for Bilateral European Chambers of Commerce in Brazil.

Stephan Cadier, Financial Analyst  

Stephan Cadier, born in Florida but now living in Brazil for 17 years, has a multicultural and multilingual background which helps him in his professional career. He has worked at VT JA Serviços Eletrônicos and SD Serviço Digitais, two companies that specialise in ticketing, starting at the latter as a ticket seller and working his way up to COO. Just before starting at Viability & Finance, he brought order to affairs and safeguarded cash flow and long-term capex possibilities for a meat company.