Hübner Schlösser & Cie

The Germany company Hübner Schlösser & Cie has existed in its current form since 1997. In this time, the company has completed over 150 transactions worth a total of €17 billion, mainly for small and medium-sized enterprise. As one of Germany’s pioneers in mergers and acquisitions, Hübner Schlösser & Cie supports clients throughout the entire financial process. This includes everything from finding and contacting suitable partners to financial analyses and negotiations.

Vincent Hübner, Co-Founder

Vincent Hübner has over 30 years’ experience of mergers and acquisitions, and successfully completed no less than 100 transactions in this time. Before founding the company in 1992 that would later become Hübner Schlösser & Cie, he first worked as a management consultant for Strategic Planning Associates. He then helped set up and manage the corporate finance branch of Matuschka Group, where he was also Managing Director. He’s a member of the advisory board at Heitkam & Thumann Group, and has a degree in Economics and an MBA.


Joachim Schlösser, Co-Founder

Joachim Schlösser has over 30 years’ experience on his CV, starting with a Diplom-Kaufmann (MBA) from the University of Cologne. He spent several years working for Bertelsmann Corporation, after which he became Managing Director for the Matuschka Group. Before founding Hübner Schlösser & Cie in its current form with Vincent Hübner in 1997, he was a partner at Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) Corporate Finance. He’s also chairman of the Vereinigung Deutscher M&A Berater (Association of German M&A Advisors).


Jan Cotta, Partner

Jan Cotta has an MBA and over 30 years’ experience. His took his first steps in the financial sector with the Matuschka Group, and held several management roles at Citigroup and Credit Suisse in the ’90s before becoming a partner at Milestone Capital in London. He then founded the Munich branch of Continental Capital Partners, which he also managed as a partner before arriving at Hübner Schlösser & Cie in 2016. He has also spent six years as a partner with Mummert & Company Corporate Finance.